Pioneering Sustainability

Argentine beef stands out for its commitment to Sustainability.The adoption of efficient grazing systems and responsible management of natural resources, such as water and land, are crucial in this process. Did you know that all the water used in livestock production comes from rainfall and does not require a potable water supply network? These environmental measures are complemented by free-range breeding, fostering a harmonious relationship with the surroundings and efficiently utilizing natural resources. 

Animal welfare and ecological balance

The Argentine Beef production model is primarily implemented in prairies and pastures, a system that enables the retention of 12 times more carbon in the soil compared to the regional average. Our livestock not only prioritizes animal welfare but also plays a role in maintaining ecological balance. Additionally, the methane gas generated in livestock farming decomposes in the atmosphere much more rapidly than the CO2 emitted by fossil fuels.

Traceability guaranteed

The traceability of beef is more than a protocol; it’s our commitment to you. Traceability is a set of pre-established and self-sufficient procedures that allow us to trace the origin, location, and trajectory of beef. Our system goes beyond mere processes; it ensures transparency, quality, and security at every stage of the production chain. From breeding to marketing, ensuring quality and promoting consumer confidence.

A superfood

Argentinian beef is a delicious, easy-to-cook, and nutritious food. Beef primarily provides high-quality proteins and essential minerals, including easily absorbable and usable iron. It also contains other minerals such as zinc, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, and B-group vitamins, with a special emphasis on B12.

Internationally recognized for its flavor

Renowned for its exceptional taste and tenderness, Argentinian beef has earned a distinguished reputation that transcends borders. The unique combination of the country’s expansive grasslands, premium cattle breeds, and traditional grazing methods contributes to the distinctive flavor profile that captivates taste buds worldwide. Whether sizzling on the grill or simmering in a savory stew, the robust and savory notes of Argentinian beef have secured its place as a global gastronomic delight.

Argentine BEEF CUTS

Welcome to a culinary journey of flavor and quality! Explore our premium cuts, each telling a unique tale of tenderness and taste. From succulent Striploin to refined Tenderloin, each cut is exclusively selected and carries within itself a journey of experience and tradition in livestock production.


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